Community Speaks

“I have always appreciated the way you made me feel part of the family. I really thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me and my happiness in life at being where I am today is certainly built upon what you allowed me to achieve."
—ERCO Worldwide

“I have been to many conferences, many put on by Hockey Canada or by the NHL itself. Heard a lot of great coaches speak, however the way the conferences were run and the interaction by the event staff is a far second to what you have created.”
—City of Abbotsford

“I have enjoyed working with you and your team these past few years, in no small part due to your personal involvement. You brought a unique approach to our rather staid business that is both enjoyable and effective.”

“I have truly enjoyed our friendship & partnership over the years.”  

“You REALLY promoted the building of communities in our space!”

“With your personality, business smarts and creative mind the future looks bright.”
—Project Assurance

“Seven years ago, you gave me the opportunity to keynote one of your conferences. The exposure this provided has had significant positive effects on my career.”

“Thanks for bringing me into your programs and allowing my participation. From the professional side the knowledge and contacts are still beneficial to me today.”
—Nova Chemicals

“I have immensely enjoyed working with you over the last few years and always felt we had a very strong partnership. Your great talents and passion will always keep you on top!” —SAP

“I greatly respect your knowledge of and insight into the EAM market and frankly I feel there is no one better positioned than you to help me move my business forward.”
—Reliability Dynamics LLC

“I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work with your team and with you personally. When someone is genuinely and sincerely concerned about the individuals and not just the work being accomplished, it is evident.”
Louisville Gas & Electric

“You and your team have greatly influenced my career decisions over the past years and the knowledge I have gained have been well worth the monitory and time investments spent”

“You have been so great an creating a Utility community and we all owe you a debt for our success.” 

“You took such personal note of the things I liked & I knew right then, this was a good friend not a client.”  —Hyatt

“You've done some amazing work over the past few years. I was quite honored when you asked me to come and speak.”—SASKPower

“You have been an incredible mentor as I ventured into this crazy world of EAM. You’ve introduced me to an ever expanding network of colleagues and friends, and challenged how I look at issues and opportunities.”
—Alliance Pipeline